Erika Pogorelc

I am a web developer with a great interest in a beautiful design and a great user experience.
I enjoy building everything from small business sites to rich interactive web apps.
If you are a business seeking a web presence or an employer looking to hire, you can get in touch with me here.

Back-end development

Modeling data usually with the help of Djangos built in ORM. I am not shying away from using a raw SQL when needed. Building APIs in order to provide data to other parts of application and third party vendors.

Front-end development

Usage of javascript libraries or frameworks which provide most help with building a dynamic app which is worthy of modern design. Optimization of the client side of application is just as important as implementing best algorithms on the back-end.

Internationalization and Localization

During the application development I take extra care to implement all parts that are necessary to present your application to the world. With this enabled you can do your business globally if you wish to do so.

User Interfaces Planning

I am not a stranger to planning user interfaces for applications that I am building. Working with client to get the information about essential parts of the application and where their business is thriving. I also perform usability tests, as I think that end users are really most essential part of businesses that I build for.

Partner Rewards

Potato London Ltd.

Deployment automation with a usage of Fabric (Python) library. Achieved the possibility of deploy to multiple instances with custom settings for each, all coming from a single code base.

  • Automated Deployment,
  • Fabric Library,
  • Python,
  • Back-End Web Development
  • Internationalization/Localization

In-store Events @ Google

Potato London Ltd.

Implementation of features for an elaborate back-end CMS system, which has an event and appointment management at it’s core. This application uses Django, Google App Engine, jQuery and Material CSS.

  • Python/Django,
  • Google App Engine,
  • JavaScript ES2016 (components),
  • Back-End Web Development
  • Material Design
  • SaSS
  • Django Assets

Events @ Codeweek EU

Side Project

Technical team lead to a team of 6 developers with the aim to provide an event system for events where attendees are learning about programming. This project is deployed and used by users all over Europe.

  • Python/Django,
  • jQuery,
  • Back-End Web Development
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Sass
  • Docker
  • Team leading
  • Mentoring

Badges @ Peer 2 Peer University

Peer 2 Peer University

Implementation of an online assessment system, to complement offered open online courses, usability testing and research about services. The platform is used by the likes of Mozilla and Creative Commons.

  • Python/Django,
  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Apache configuration
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • CSS Framework Development
  • Mozilla Badges API
  • Integration with third part application
  • UI Design

Get in touch

If you're looking to hire me or just say hello, please leave me a message down bellow.