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Cat friends.

Enter The Virtual Vortex Of Software Development With CodeCatz.

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Did you know...

... that the first computer program ever, was created by a woman? There is millions and millions of women who want to know what pushing bits is all about. But how to learn?

Online courses often feel large, intimidating and anonymous. It's hard to feel invested in multiple choice quizzes, textbook chapters and hum-drum Q & A forums where you don't know anyone.

This is exactly how we felt, so we said enough is enough! We gathered some knowledge thirsty people together, and asked some very nice people for a space where we can learn about this programing thing together.

There is no such thing as a stupid question in our space, in fact we don't even know what stupid is.

What can I learn?

So, you made some cool 3D animation projects and you want to learn how to make your portfolio?
Maybe you are a great dancer and you are sick of youtube interface, so you want to show all the latest moves on your own page.
Maybe you just like computers and want some new friends?
Or maybe you had enough of your dead end job and shady boss and decided the time has come for you to do something that you really want to do?

Great! We're so glad you are here!

Lets get together and teach us about stuff you know heaps about (we are curious people) and we will teach you how to dive in the software developing world. And help you become righteous developer.

OK, but who are you guys?

We are a group of people, mostly women, who are getting together once a week and putting our brain to work. We consume chocolade and produce great software projects. We are actually the people who are standing behind Code Week EU iniciative. But that is just one of the projects we did. Residing in Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana, Slovenia , we get together every Wednesday and work on our amazing projects.

There is always space for new kittens, who want to learn how to make some software. If you want to learn with us, we have a litterbox just for you.

How do I get started?

Don't be afraid and dive straight in. Start getting some CodeCat wisdom here.

Who else is a CodeCat?